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Publishing Guidelines

College Press Publishing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in College Press Publishing Company. We are an evangelical Christian publishing house primarily associated with the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Knowing that finding a publisher for a manuscript can sometimes be a confusing process, we have developed these guidelines for writers so that we may streamline the process wherever possible.

 College Press Seeks Proposals For

  • Bible studies
  • Topical studies (biblically based)
  • Apologetic studies
  • Historical biographies of Christians

College Press Does Not Publish

  • Poetry
  • Game or Puzzle books
  • Books on prophecy from a premillennial or dispensational viewpoint
  • ANY books that do not contain a Christian message

Procedure for Submitting a Proposal to College Press

Always send a proposal, or query letter, first. (College Press does not read manuscripts until the proposal letter has been approved - the only exception is when an editor has requested the material).

The Proposal Should Contain


  • What the manuscript is about
  • Why you wrote it
  • The audience for which it is targeted
  • What the reader will get out of it
  • Table of contents and outline
  • A one-page synopsis
  • Short statement showing why this manuscript is unique or different
  • Biography or resume
  • Whether it is a simultaneous submission.

Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with the correct postage if you want your submission returned.

What Happens Next

College Press will respond to proposals in two or three months. If your proposal meets our current needs and qualifications, we will request a full manuscript for further evaluation. College Press will respond to your idea within two months of receiving it.

Additional Guidelines


Follow The Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition) rules. In essence:

  • Type your material on 8 ½” X 11” paper
  • Double spaced
  • One-inch margins all around
  • Use only one side of the paper
  • Pages should be numbered consecutively throughout
  • Do not use right-margin justification
  • All Scripture references must include the translation or paraphrase from which they came (College Press prefers The New International Version or The New American Standard Bible)
  • Footnotes must include author, name of the book, publisher, place of publication, copyright date, and page number of the quotation.
  • The author is responsible for obtaining - and paying for - permission to quote copyrighted material, and should include that written permission with the manuscript. Generally speaking, one must secure permission if a quotation exceeds one line of a song, one line of poetry, 100 words of an article or 200 words of a book. For further information see The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Send readable copies (preferably not printed on dot matrix).
  • Do not submit artwork with your manuscript unless it is requested.
  • Always include sufficient return postage with any manuscript you want returned.
  • Keep a copy of everything you send (i.e., we cannot be responsible for lost originals).

Due to the large number of manuscripts we evaluate, we are unable to provide authors detailed explanations for our decisions.


 Send all query letters (first) and requested manuscripts to:

Acquisitions Editor
College Press Publishing
PO Box 1132

2111 N. Main Street, Suite C
Joplin, MO 64801 

You may send your query letter and requested material electronically to: