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National Preaching Summit Schedule

National Preaching Summit Schedule
March 13-14, 2017
“Memorable Preaching”


Monday, March 13th
11:00 a.m. Doors Open/Registration
1:00—1:05 p.m. Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer
1:05—1:50 p.m. Session # 1 - Preaching that Convicts - Vince Antonucci
2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives
2:50—3:05 p.m. Short Restroom & Refreshment & Fellowship Break
3:05—3:50 p.m. Session # 2 - Preaching that Equips - Randy Harris
4:00—4:50 p.m. Workshop Electives
4:50—5:05 p.m. Short Restroom & Refreshment & Fellowship Break
5:10—6:00 p.m. Session # 3 - Preaching that Challenges - Dr. Gary Johnson
6:00 p.m. Banquet (included w/ registration)
7:00—8:20 p.m. *Session # 4 – Preaching that Connects - Darren LaCroix
8:30 p.m. Dismissal for the evening
Tuesday, March 14th
7:15—7:55 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:00—8:45 a.m. Main Session # 5 - Preaching that Reflects - Darren LaCroix
9:00—9:50 a.m. Workshop Electives
9:50—10:05 a.m. Refreshment Break
10:10—10:55 a.m. Main Session # 6 - Preaching that Reaches – Vince Antonucci
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives
12:05—12:30 p.m. Session # 7 - Preaching that Lifts– Randy Harris
12:30—12:40 p.m. Closing Session/Final Remarks/Prayer

Workshop Descriptions

Preaching to the Unconvinced - Vince Antonucci
If a lost person showed up to your church service, would they understand and connect with your sermon? Vince will walk you through practical strategies on how you can strategically preach messages that reach the unchurched.
Preaching to Heal Your Congregation: Sermons that Repair the Wounded – Dr. Karl Wendt
Has your church been wounded? Is your church trying to recover from a traumatic experience? Dr. Karl Wendt will cover helpful principles to use in your preaching in order to move your congregation though the healing process.
 Preaching Succession (Repeated) – Dr. Gary Johnson
Have you critically thought through the baton-passing process in your church? Is your congregation prepared to receive the next phase of leadership? Dr. Gary Johnson will challenge you with practical insights on how to ready your congregation for what’s next.
Creating Catalytic Moments in Preaching: How to Strategically Design Impactful Moments that Drive Decisions – Curtis Prunty
 Do you ever wonder if your sermons are actually reaching? Do you wish you could see more fruit? In this workshop, you will learn how to implement creative and experiential elements in your preaching that will stir the hearts and hands of your hearers.

Humor 101: How to Get More Laughs... Even If You Don’t Think You’re Funny – Darren LaCroix
Have you ever wondered how comedians seem to get so many laughs with ease? Do you lack confidence when it comes to humor? Darren has traveled the world demystifying the humor process. Come and learn the secrets to getting more laughs.

 Preaching Colossians – Randy Harris
The times are critical! The book of Colossians is both theologically rich and culturally relevant. It packs a mighty message that your church needs to hear. In this workshop, Randy Harris will guide you through key themes, principles and insights that will greatly impact your church.
Preaching for Cultural Change: How to Craft Sermons that Intentionally Influence the Way Your People Think, Speak and Act – Curtis Prunty
Are you happy with your church’s score card? Is it a struggle to fulfill God’s vision for your church? Here’s the truth: culture can be the greatest amplifier or executioner of vision. Learn proven methods on how to design sermons that influence the way your people think, speak and act.