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Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously: Kite Flying Lessons from Ecclesiastes

Life Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously: Kite Flying Lessons from Ecclesiastes

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Mandy Smith has written a fabulous small group study on the book of Ecclesiastes.

"You will be encouraged by this book!  It's tempting to consider Ecclesiastes a sad and pessimistic part of God's Word, but Mandy Smith helps us see Solomon's melancholy musings in a positive light.  Ecclesiastes isn't meant to discourage us, but to free us from the illusion that we can find lasting joy anywhere but in God Himself."
David Faust  ~  President, Cincinnati Christian University

"The breezy title of this serious book gives a clue to the joy readers will discover in its pages.  The book examines core issues that are a part of every life:  How do I find happiness?  What is the worth of my work?  How should I feel about money or learning?  How important is my self-image?  But the treatment of these topics is anything but usual!  The writer combines a lighthearted look at life with a serious consideration of biblical truth.  The result is a study book perfect for personal reflection or group discussion.  Everyone who reads this book will find ways to apply its points in everyday life this week!"
Mark A. Taylor  ~  Publisher and Editor, Christian Standard

"Do you ever find yourself unable to enjoy the present because you are working toward a "perfect" future?  Do you ever find yourself over-committed and, as a result, constantly stressed because of the pressures in your life?  Does that unrelenting pressure rob you of your joy?  If so, then this book is for you!  In a clear and easy-to-follow style, Mandy Smith shares some helpful, down-to-earth insights gleaned from the book of Ecclesiastes.  I found myself reading with a pencil in hand, marking passages for further thought and reflection."
Kay Moll  ~  Christian Speaker and Writer

Life is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously has 10 chapters and 120 pages

ISBN 978-0-89900-497-0


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